6 Ways not to fight on a trip with a friend

1. Schedule a trip together

2. Time to get ready.

3. Make your travel expense list transparent

4. Don’t make me outcast.

5. Do not search alone

6. Don’t rely on each other too much


5 Symptoms of Falling in Love

There are signs of falling in love.

Everything looks brilliant and beautiful.

The stars in the sky,

a street tree

a strange state of mind where even abandoned garbage looks lovely.

1. Look in the eyes of a person who is in love.

If you feel that your eyes are fixed on your lover, you are very likely to be in love.

2. I feel like I’m drunk.

The brain of a person in love is caused by dopamine, a hormone that is secreted similar to the brain of a person who takes cocaine.

3. He’s the only one who thinks about it 24 hours a day.

If you fall in love with someone, that condition persists because the brain releases phenyl-chilamine called “love potion.”

4. It’s hard to feel pain.

A team of researchers at Stanford University Medical School in the U.S. allowed participants to stare at their loved ones’ photos.

There’s an amazing result.

Middle school pain up to 40%,

We found that severe pain can be reduced by up to 15% each.

What’s better than endorphins is the fall of love.

Whenever you feel pain, think of your loved one.


Five Ways to Spend Time Alone

Just leave me alone.
When you want to be alone, someone says,

“What are you doing alone? It’s boring.”

Isn’t he saying that because he doesn’t know how to spend time alone?

1. Cleaning

The law doesn’t stipulate that you should clean the sea at the beginning of the year, so how about anytime?
Forget about the mandatory cleaning of the beginning of the year, and clean every corner of the house.

You can unexpectedly get a treasure or meet me in the past that you’ve forgotten.

2. Going to a cafe

Do I have to spend money on going to the cafe? However, if you read a book or sit down in a cafe when you need a blank space for no purpose, you will be able to unravel the tangled threads of your thoughts.

Of course, if you find a cafe that you like and set it up, it would be perfect, right? Take a book and spend some time at a nearby cafe to get your mind organized.

3. Travel away