How to argue wisely with your boyfriend

Meet and fight all the battles.

Every time you fight your boyfriend for a month from today, let’s think about when and where you fought.
What’s surprising is that you’ll find that there were more days when you lay down in your bed and screamed at the phone than when you met and fought.

There are some reasons why the number of meetings is small, but what is certain is that means such as phone calls and text messages are very insufficient ways to convey each other’s feelings and intentions.

Something angry with the man?
Then run to your boyfriend right away, rather than call and yell or send him a text message from the window that’s hard to


Home Alone Skin Care Tips

You don’t have to go to the maintenance room, you know, you can just do it by yourself.

There are a few skin care workers!

I’m sure you’re all doing a few things and trying to do them.

Simply make this habit alone, be conscious, be careful.

-Sheet Pack Often

-Put green tea powder pack, green tea powder mixed with milk or yogurt.

– Squeeze green tea bags, cool them with ice, then wet them with cotton pads.

-Apricot oil cleansing


It’s all because of the drowsiness and depression?

First of all, a person who feels tired every day should look at his or her daily life, current mood conditions and habits in general and think about what causes fatigue. Especially, you should check if you are sleeping well. If you don’t get enough sleep, you should improve your sleeping environment and bad habits before you go to bed.


Five Ways to Start a Day Well

How do you start your day

No one thinks about it again,

In fact, it would be the most important moment of the day.
Depending on how we start the day, you may not imagine how important it affects the rest of the day.

Therefore, it will be helpful to know how to start the day well.


Six Minor Changes in Healthy Life

You can improve your health little by little in the long run through minor changes in your life.

Walking a lot, eating vegetables, maintaining sleep time, stretching hamstring, getting plenty of moisture,
a healthy wet season, such as plank exercise, etc.

You need to learn until you become part of your life.

Check out 6 minor changes in your health life.


The reason why there is nothing left even if you read a book and how to solve it

There are people who say, ‘There’s nothing left even if you read a book.’ Why is that?

Because there is a limit to a person’s memory, the process of recording and recalling is essential.

The reason why there is nothing left even if I read a book is because I don’t record it.

You must record what book you read.

Only then can the contents of the book be mine and be used as a background that can be used at any time.


12 ways to deal with anger

1. Stop everything for a moment and catch your breath

Sexual minority counseling specialist Katie Reicom introduces the use of four-step coping methods.

It’s the fourth step of taking a moment to stop my anger, think about why I’m angry, observe what’s going on, and decide what to do next.

2. Think first of all if it’s something to be angry about.


Three Reasons GFriend Is Really Angry

Today, I’m going to introduce one of the experiences that many men experience.

Right now!

“Why is my girlfriend really angry?”

I’m sure you’ll experience this a lot while dating.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you angry?”

You’ve probably thought about it at least.


Seven effective ways to prevent cancer

It is caused by lifestyle, such as not exercising.

Most lung cancer is associated with smoking and most skin cancer is associated with sunburn.

1. Never smoke.

2. Keep the right weight………….


Seven Ways to Keep Healthy Eating

eating more vegetables, eating less meat, refraining from drinking, etc.

The secret to eating better in daily life is skipping meals.
I’m not eating poorly or going on an inflexible diet.

It is to mix it with life so that good habits can be acquired.

Therefore, it is important to make a plan that is suitable for your life in order to maintain the right diet and proper weight.