How to argue wisely with your boyfriend

Meet and fight all the battles.

Every time you fight your boyfriend for a month from today, let’s think about when and where you fought.
What’s surprising is that you’ll find that there were more days when you lay down in your bed and screamed at the phone than when you met and fought.

There are some reasons why the number of meetings is small, but what is certain is that means such as phone calls and text messages are very insufficient ways to convey each other’s feelings and intentions.

Something angry with the man?
Then run to your boyfriend right away, rather than call and yell or send him a text message from the window that’s hard to


If you feel dizzy when you stand up

Have you ever sat back down because you felt dizzy when you suddenly stood up while lying down?

I’m sure many of you have experienced these symptoms at least once.

It may be caused by erectile dizziness, or standing low blood pressure, which is a more frightening condition than high blood pressure.


12 ways to deal with anger

1. Stop everything for a moment and catch your breath

Sexual minority counseling specialist Katie Reicom introduces the use of four-step coping methods.

It’s the fourth step of taking a moment to stop my anger, think about why I’m angry, observe what’s going on, and decide what to do next.

2. Think first of all if it’s something to be angry about.


a characteristic of a person who cares about others’ eyes

Regardless of occupation and age, people have something in common.

It’s called ‘those who are conscious of other people’s eyes’.
“The reason I’m so conscious of other people’s eyes is because

at the thought of being loved only by others.
It’s lonely and hard because I’m too conscious of other people’s eyes.”

1. Be “excessively considerate” in consideration of others’ eyes.