Why dieting is so hard

It shows that action is more difficult than words.

The fundamental reason why dieting is painful is to overcome instinct with willpower. All kinds of animals, including humans, instinctively prefer to move as little as possible and eat as much delicious food as possible.

But how stressful would it be to have a diet that requires as much movement as possible for at least a few months, as it is not enough to suddenly give up the happiness that comes from your tongue and fullness one day?


the reason why office workers suffer

The job gave me a lot of things. I was able to work, and I felt rewarded through him, and I got paid to live in exchange for my work. I learned more than lost.

I thank the companies I went to for hugging me and giving me a chance. But there was trouble that could not be solved.

The morning is hard.

I wanted to wake up in the morning and start my day happily.
I wanted to fulfill my calling today. The reality was far from ideal.

I’m tired of forcing myself to get up and rush to the subway, leaving my body on the way to work like a pack, and whipping me, already tired of moving, tired of moving.