I got dumped! Acts of ruining a relationship

The words “I like you,” “I love you,” and “Thank you” were believed to be like sighs that inevitably spit out when emotions were on the pole.

My ex-boyfriend told me he loved me endlessly, and I couldn’t bring it out of my mouth. So our relationship ended with a word, “Did you like me?”

But three months later, I couldn’t forget him and sent him a message saying, “I loved him a lot.”

The fact that I was “read-and-rejected” at that time still remains a dark history of wearing blankets whenever I think of it.

One thing I learned from my last relationship.
“Mature way of expression”

The power of expression in love is enormous. It is reborn as a stronger relationship when expressing not only love but also sorry, disappointment, and gratitude maturely.

The relationship with him, who always told me, “You look like my mom” and “I like that you’re good to my mom,” was not smooth.

He was a man who made me eat, wash, and even clean when he worked late at night too much. You were crazy