the absurdities of one’s company

When you wash your car, it rains, when you have a blind date, you always get bombs, or when you don’t study for exams.

If you make an appointment, you can work overtime or get together.

After a long time, I decided to enjoy Friday night with my friends, and I hummed with excitement. Suddenly, news of a sudden get-together came out of the blue.

I don’t feel like canceling an appointment with tears in my eyes. a labor pains broken by sudden dinners and overtime when they are made, they work overtime.

This is one of Murphy’s Laws for office worker.

There are many different laws of Murphy in life.


Apology is important for a couple fight.

Is there anyone who can’t apologize well?

I’m not good at apologizing.
I’ve heard that before.

The reason why I couldn’t apologize well
It was in Timing.

The timing of the apology is…
It has to depend on the topic of the fight.

Quick Apologize vs Late apology

Professor Blake Hendrickson of the State University of New York.
60 couples, usually fighting well.
I got him to have a discussion.
Fight a fight

However, before the discussion began, the professor said,
To one of the couples.
They set the time for me to apologize.


How to argue wisely with your boyfriend

Meet and fight all the battles.

Every time you fight your boyfriend for a month from today, let’s think about when and where you fought.
What’s surprising is that you’ll find that there were more days when you lay down in your bed and screamed at the phone than when you met and fought.

There are some reasons why the number of meetings is small, but what is certain is that means such as phone calls and text messages are very insufficient ways to convey each other’s feelings and intentions.

Something angry with the man?
Then run to your boyfriend right away, rather than call and yell or send him a text message from the window that’s hard to


A woman who gets a break-up notification from a man every time, why?

There are women who have no problems with their appearance, but there are still differences in men.

Of course, there are some differences when you’re dating or having a fling, but if you keep getting dumped, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

But if you still don’t know what your problem is, read it.

A woman who is different to a man every time, why?

He often disparages himself.

“Am I too fat?” “Isn’t it that you hate me?” There are some people who want men to affirm themselves by denying it while disparaging themselves.


the reason why office workers suffer

The job gave me a lot of things. I was able to work, and I felt rewarded through him, and I got paid to live in exchange for my work. I learned more than lost.

I thank the companies I went to for hugging me and giving me a chance. But there was trouble that could not be solved.

The morning is hard.

I wanted to wake up in the morning and start my day happily.
I wanted to fulfill my calling today. The reality was far from ideal.

I’m tired of forcing myself to get up and rush to the subway, leaving my body on the way to work like a pack, and whipping me, already tired of moving, tired of moving.


How to give confidence to a guy who’s having a fling

There’s something you need to know first.

If a man falls for a woman,

There are three main cases.

1. If she’s too pretty to my eyes,

Two, if she’s hot,

Three, you either have to choose her realistically,

And there’s one thing that’s in common.

We’ll talk about it later.

The first one is, you don’t have to say anything.

Thirdly, the fact that you have to choose her in real life,

to put it simply

Men also have certain jobs, whether they are her property, etc.

There are times when it shakes in these parts.


When I had a fight with my parents/with my mom/with my dad

I guess some of you have fought a lot with your parents because you spend a lot of time at home these days:

But my parents always love us.

I know you’re going to swear, but please don’t…

The fact that parents are more hurtful than us.

First of all, if you had a fight with your parents, or if you had a cold war for a few days because your parents were in a bad mood,

To ask out/go on a date

I’m stuck in a movie theater or a restaurant, but I’m stuck with my parents.

We talk a lot, we talked a lot.

If you do, you come back between them?


the reason for the romance and parting

he innocence of the moment when the romance began looks at each other with clear eyes and pure hope.
It shakes with just one hand, and it feels like there’s nothing more to ask for at the moment of kiss.

Even after we break up late at night, we hang on to the phone and spend hours joking around.

It’s not boring even if you sit at a cafe for hours and talk.
Even if you go to a movie and just sit there holding hands, that movie becomes a masterpiece. like the lyric of a song

“What do I do when I find it hard to get you in front of my house a little by little?”


Can I develop from a friend to a lover?

There are so many men and women in the world who leave once friends as eternal friends.

Now, then, we’re going to try to find some men and women who call themselves friends.
Should we consider it a relatively safe relationship that is difficult to develop into a woman relationship?

Should I nail down that developing from friend to lover is a difficult job?
It should never be.

To tell you my story,
I never see a woman as a woman who was my childhood friend.
No matter how pretty and attractive that friend is in the eyes of another man, I don’t feel more than a same-sex woman I was too close to as a child.


Why yawn? Will it be contagious?

Every drowsy afternoon, I yawn when I’m sleepy and tired or bored. Why is he yawning with his mouth open and sighing? And is yawning really contagious to the people around you? Today, I’m going to talk about yawning so funny that I can’t yawn at all.

Usually you feel sleepy and yawn when you feel tired or bored.
There are various reasons for this yawn. First of all, yawns to give your body more oxygen.
As soon as our bodies get tired, we lack the amount of oxygen that we send to the brain, and when we yawn loudly, our brain function becomes more active and our consciousness becomes clearer.