Take a picture with your smartphone

However, if the model looks at the camera too consciously, it’s better to look up a little bit than the camera because in the picture, the eyes are facing down. At this angle, the body length of the character is longer than it actually is.

How to shoot a person in three dimensions, a change in pose
There is an easy way to create a more three-dimensional picture that blends the background with the person. Usually, the background on the camera lens consists of a plane, but if the model poses only in the front, it is difficult to make a three-dimensional picture that catches your eyes.

It’s always awkward to see a picture of a front-facing pose that’s stiff like the first person in my life. In this case, just by slightly turning the upper body, the person is transformed into a three-dimensional subject as if he or she would jump out of the background.

The second one is a picture of me turning my body slightly to the side and posing. Do you feel more three-dimensional than the front? Occasionally, there are moments when the front fits, but it’s much better to see a picture of a three-dimensional configuration that gives you a sense of distance from the background. Take two pictures of your face and side poses together to see the results. Side poses will not only reveal the model’s confidence, but will also help you to grasp the body line’s expression and composition.

It’s also a good idea to pose with your hands on your waist or slightly bend your legs to make a more confident pose.

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